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LaxPower FAQs
How are the computer rankings determined? 
LaxPower computer rankings are primarily determined based on the margin of victory between teams in all games over the course of the season. To promote good sportsmanship, a ten goal margin of victory is considered the maximum in the rankings (i.e., beating a team by 10 goals is the same as beating a team by 20 goals). 

What does the "Norm PR" number mean?
The "Norm PR" is the normalized power ranking. If team A has a power ranking of 49 and team B has a power ranking of 57, team B would be expected to win by a margin of about 8 goals in a game played at a neutral site. Home field advantage is counts for a goal or two in favor of the home team (e.g., if the above game was played at the home field of team A, team B would then only be estimated to win by about 6-7 goals).  

How can my team improve our ranking? 

As more games are played, rankings change to account for the margin of victory in these games. You can improve your ranking by doing better than expected based on the power rankings against a given team (as described above). Using the above example, if team A only lost to team B by 2 goals, that would help boost their power ranking. Note that doing this for one game is unlikely to significantly alter the rankings, but doing this for a number of games will result in your team's power ranking being adjusted upward. 

Why did my team's ranking change when we haven't played a game? 
In addition to changes to your rankings after playing a game, it is important to recognize that your ranking will also change depending on how the rankings of teams you have played change over the course of the season.