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2017 Rules and Information (info titles are linked below):

2017 NFHS HS rulebook is not available online* (electronic format).  Order it HERE.

2017 WSLA rules for HS and Youth

2017 New Rules Interpretation video is HERE.  (Scroil down on linked page.)


Link to: Field Playability Guidelines

USL Uniform Specs (effective 2017)

New eyewear/goggles ASTM standards for 2017 is HERE.

Information on optional equipment is HERE.

NOCSAE Ball Mandate -  more information HERE

Link to Washington Women's Lacrosse Umpire Association WWLUA

*This is the first year that NFHS (National Federation of High Schools who write the rulebooks for the majority of HS sports) has taken on publishing of the girls HS rulebook -- prior years this has been done by US Lacrosse.  As such, USL does not own any digital rights to the rulebook, and thus cannot offer it online at this time.  This may change -- we'll keep you posted!